The cover of my webpage.

About me:

Hello World! how are you doing :D

I am a student who likes to code in his free time(while I don't have much lol)
i also now have a blog which you can visit if you want!
As you may see now, the shredesign is going on!

I'm just experimenting a bit, and seeing now useless code
but hey, it looks good on mobile and pc now, and it was pretty easy xD

Where to find me:


Reddit: shruubbb

...and it seems like everything works!

Also, If you'd like to contact me, you can do this at

- This website, a fun portfolio to learn more about css and html

-, an open source website to display your ip address

- Self-hosting various services, like, an url shortener, or gitea, for my personal git projects.

- My probably biggest project yet, a discord bot written in python with the nextcord module.

- Working and helping in various crypto projects, like bunkercoin, or siricoin.